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Wednesday, August 28th

Wednesday, August 28th

I love nighttime cuddles and watching as my child smiles or laughs in their sleep. Both peaceful and joyful, warming a parent’s heart.


RE: Sorry, Miley

Thank you Brant from Air1 for this reminder in lieu of the recent drama.

Adults are supposed to protect young people. Adults are supposed to refuse to treat young people like little gods, put them on pedestals, and parade them on stages. But adults do it, anyway, and our culture is just dumb, and just numb, enough to act like it’s perfectly normal. Turns out, as we’ve always known, celebrity messes with people’s heads, particularly the young.

Click here to read Brant’s response in full: Sorry, Miley.


There are days when you just need to ask God to grant you all of the fruits of the Spirit in the same day; Like a giant humble fruit salad. Yes, love, joy and peace would be great and I also need patience with a tired, teething baby. And Lord, help me to be gentle and act with kindness toward others who lack a verbal filter and proper tact, and goodness and self-control not to react the way my brain tells me. Having faith and trust in God is like having a parenting super power on tap just when you need it.


Galatians 5:22

Please Don’t Tell My Children that Education isn’t Important

Reading the MSN homepage headlines and my attention is drawn to the gallery about self-made women billionaires of 2013. It wasn’t the fact that the gallery focused on women or the recent news that Rosalia Mera, the world’s richest woman has passed away, but how MSN were quick to present the fact that the Spanish seamstress, designer and investor with a net worth of $6.1 billion dropped out of school at age 11.

I’m sure many successful people have had their share of sacrifices and strife and started at the bottom before seeing the silver lining, but there are also a number of successful people who also did it while going to school and getting an Education. It’s wonderful that Mera had done so much in her 69 years especially since she did it without a high school diploma. She seemed to know what she wanted, went for it, and succeeded. However, not all children and youth know what they want or how to go about getting what they want and really do not need any form of incentive not to finish school.

A former high school teacher of mine recently told me  that she cannot give the same test in her classes as she did when I was in High School 10 years ago. “They wouldn’t be able to do it” she said. The work ethic is not there. The study habits are not there. Some would complain it was too hard and simply not do it. I was filling in for another high school teacher one day and as I was checking the students’ work, I commented on one grade 12 student’s answers. He replied, “Miss, I haven’t wrote a full sentence since grade 6. I’m not about to start now.” When did this become ok? Short cuts and half-assed work?

It seems that we are in the Google generation where information is at our fingertips. Everything is so immediate that we don’t have to work at anything anymore. People no longer put their faith in doctors, ministers or teachers because they can find the diagnosis or answers on their own. There was a time when students were afraid to bring home a bad report card for fear the parents would punish them or make them study more. Now if the student gets a poor mark it’s the teacher’s fault. Um…Ok. Seems a little backward.

Parents, we need to encourage our children to develop good study habits, to aim high, achieve big, and accomplish much. We should show them the reward for hard work and sacrifice and not just hand everything to them on a silver platter. Let them make independent choices and see their consequences; if you don’t do the work, you don’t get the grade. I’m sure Mera worked very hard to get to where she did in spite of her lack of Education but by today’s standards, how successful can people be without it? We want our kids to stay in school and we want them to want to stay in school as well.

Society, media, please pull back a little. Whatever spin or twist you may put on a story or headline, don’t give my children any ideas that education is not important. It is still relevant!

Wednesday August 21st

I love hearing from others that Little Man is well-behaved and good mannered especially if it is during a time that his mommy or daddy isn’t around to remind him. It makes both my husband and I feel like we’re at least doing something right.

A Response to “I Wonder if Sunday School is Destroying Our Kids”

I recently read an article by Samuel Williamson entitled I Wonder if Sunday School is Destroying Our Kids from his blog Beliefs of the Heart. I was troubled by some of his misguided suggestions that Sunday School teaches children that Christianity is based on morals and not gospel.  Although some points were valid, I was struck by his idea that the Sunday School curriculum was actually damaging to children and, as he puts it,  “they lie about God, they lie about these “heroes of the faith,” they lie about the Bible, and they lie about the gospel.” He elaborates by listing several characters from the bible of which the curriculum urges children to model their own lives after, however, if you fail, don’t worry, God forgives.

My first thoughts are these: there are plenty worse things that our children can be taught other than being good, faithful, obedient and so forth. If everyone were taught even a hint of some of these seemingly basic things we would be much better off. Another thought is these charcters are not prefect. In fact, many of these are flawed or have some type of downfall. They didn’t make it into the book just by being good.Their stories not only teach us about how well they have done and what God has done for them, but it serves as a warning; Hey! I did this and this is where it got me, so don’t do it. Yes, as a young boy David had a pure heart unlike his brothers but when he became King he also became greedy and committed adultery which led to major consequences. Likewise in today’s society, if you commit adultery, murder, are greedy, unwise (fill in any number of things) there are consequences. These are life lessons found in the very books of God’s word. Sunday School curriculum isn’t merely teaching children “Yes Jesus Loves Me” no matter what we do, it’s teaching solid truths that people should live by.

I’m a intermediate/secondary teacher and I realize that with any school curriculum you must start at a lower level and work your way up, like stepping stones. You don’t start teaching Calculus in Kindergarten, you start with the basic 1 + 1 = 2. But it certainly helps to know that 1 + 1 = 2 when you do start Calculus. You don’t start reading Shakespeare in grade 1, you learn to read, and spell and sound it out, which comes in handy when you start Willy’s Romeo & Juliet in Junior High. Little Man recently learned about the days of creation in his Sunday School class. These lessons do not show him “God’s loving pursuit of people” and at his age he is incapable to comprehend the true meaning of grace. However, it tells him that God must be pretty awesome and powerful and strong to do all that He did in just 6 days. He made the sky, the earth, plants and animals and it also tells him that God cares for us to show concern if we are lonely and sad. For all the girls out there who feel insecure and unworthy or maybe unimportant, in Sunday School they teach you about Esther, Queen of Persia who stood up for her people by taking a risk and spoke out against a king. Sunday School teaches about Deborah who led an army of thousands to victory, and Rahab and Mary Magdelene, both prostitutes, who changed their lives around. How awesome that God chose women to do some amazing work! I don’t know about you, but a curriculum that shares that would make me want to get to know this God a little better. Stepping stone after stepping stone we learn more about God’s goodness and His overwhelming grace.

For all the parents faithfully bringing their children to Sunday School each week, great job! However, if this is all you are doing for your child’s spiritual needs, you may find yourself at a helpless loss like the distraught woman Williamson met several years ago whose son vehemently rejected Christianity. The church does not hold the sole responsibility for your child’s salvation. The church provides many ministries that are meant to work hand in hand with parenting and our efforts at home. Isn’t it true that we don’t simply let the Education system do all the teaching as we sit back and do nothing? “Dad, how do you spell hippopotamus?” “Wait and ask your teacher in the morning, that’s not my job.” “How much money do I need to buy a drink and candy tonight?” “Sounds like math! Not my department, I’m the parent remember?” How hilarious would that be? Likewise, we should be teaching and educating our children on spiritual matters at home. And just think how many hours our children spend in school versus the little time they get each week on Sunday. Does this depict where our priorities are? If anything that should tell us that our children need more hours on spiritual matters and the word of God because they are starving for it. If we chose to feed our children just once a week I think Child Youth and Family Services would have something big to say! Our children need the spiritual nourishment every day. They need to know that it is integral in their lives. We as parents need to be integral in our teaching and reaching at home so that our children continue to run after the Master with a passionate heart.

Finally, I question why Williamson chose only to discuss children and Sunday School. Sunday School is for all ages. There isn’t some unsaid age which denotes the cut off. True, many churches don’t offer an adult class or parenting class, the interest or numbers just may not be there, but we could certainly use the resources. Parenting is hard and it’s great knowing we don’t have to do it alone. At my local church there is an awesome Parenting class that my husband and I enjoy each week. It provides a DVD curriculum with great insight into other real-life situations that parents face on a day to day basis and great discussion with the other parents as well.  As Christian parents it is awesome to know that God is in this with us and can help provide wisdom and grace at just the right time. We need spiritual nourishment just as much as our children. The Wonder of the Gospel is available to everyone of all ages. Yes, “God is caring for us and directing us in the good and bad” but there are many lessons that thankfully Sunday School can teach us. God loves us, He pursues us but we also need to run to Him.


What I Love Wednesdays

Wednesday August 14th

I had been thinking of several things that I love about being a parent this past week, but out of curiosity, I asked my husband what one of his favourite things are. Surprisingly, he stated just what I had been thinking. I love seeing Little Man’s imagination take flight when he is playing with his toys and with others. It’s amazing to listen to his interactions and his role play as he creates stories and scenarios and puts them into action. He even changes his voice to vocalize different characters and expresses concern, excitement, terror, anger, and so many more emotions; “Oh no! I’m gonna crash!” “Don’t worry! I’ll save you!” As a mother to an imaginative, happy little boy it is a joy to see his developing mind at work, showing a little more independence.

Wednesday, August 7th

What I love about parenting a toddler (who will be 3 years old this week might I add), is the silly new names he puts on things. For instance, this morning he sees a renegade clothespin on the bridge. “Hey! There’s something out there. It’s your dress picker mom!”

It’s World Breastfeeding Week! Yay for Giveaways!

Hurrah for breastfeeding and all its benefits to mom and baby! (And everyone else in society as well!) In celebration of Mommas and mammaries everywhere, The Leaky Boob, San Diego Breastfeeding Center , and The Boob Group are partnering up for The Ultimate World Breastfeeding Week Giveaway.  Find out more at The Leaky Boob. Make sure to check out the other links for loads of helpful resources for mommas and daddies alike! Milk it for what it’s worth (pun totally intended!)

Happy World Breastfeeding Week everyone! Tell a breastfeeding momma how proud you are of them for doing what they do.

-Cheers, Kathryn