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What I Love Wednesday, February 26th

Bambino took his first steps last night! And of course, with all the time I spend throughout the day with my boys, it was the night that I was out to a meeting and Daddy was the one to witness it first. But hey, I guess Daddy needs some special moments to himself; I can’t have them all. Bambino officially turns one on Monday. So look out now! Two little ones to chase after. I love these special milestones (regardless if I seen it or not).




Wednesday, February 19th


What I love: moments like these.



So this is last night’s invention by Little Man – Relaxercise!

Me: Um, what are you doing sweetie?
LM: I’m just, uh, I’m relaxercising.
Me: Oh. Looks fun. Is that like relaxing and exercising at the same time.
LM: (big sigh) yeah. You just gotta do this. (proceeds to stretch out).
Me: Nice! Does it work.
LM: Umm yup!
Me: Awesome!

So wish it were true. Sign me up!

Today is a sick day. Yes, unfortunately all 4 of us have succumbed to the head cold. Before children, I would have stayed in bed on a day like today, but today I’m up at 6 to cuddle with Little Man on the couch as he goes back to sleep and then up again with Bambino to nurse him and wipe his little nose. I do not love the fact that my children are sick, I’m sure any parent would agree that it’s one of the worst feelings knowing that your child isn’t feeling 100%. But what I do love is the fact that because I am a mommy I have a greater reason to push through my own sickness; the needs of my children. I am blessed to have two beautiful and (as of right now, relatively) healthy boys and it’s because of them that my own sickness seems so trivial and small. I’ve never had a reason that felt so good for not crawling back into the comforts of my own bed than my two children. Although I am sick with a cold, I am blessed.

Wednesday, February 5th

I’m not going to lie, but parenting can really test my patience some days. For example, yesterday I had to tell Little Man countless times to put his baby brother down, don’t pick him up, etc. Alas, some time last night as I was folding laundry and Bambino was exercising his mobile boundaries down the hall, I heard a bit if a commotion, a bang-bop-cry and I jumped to my feet. Little man had lifted his 11 month old brother and tried to direct him back down the hall to the living room and dropped him, but not before the littlest smacked his head on the bedroom door first. I was quick to yell and separate the two boys to make sure the baby was ok-just a little bump and bruise but thankfully fine. I also took that moment to reevaluate the situation, breathe, and pray for a bit of grace in speaking with my oldest son. I could have easily maintained my anger and sent him to his room for the rest of the night. In fact, I wanted to I was that angry that he was both disobedient and could have caused serious harm, but it would have accomplished nothing. What I love about being a Christian parent is that God provides the grace we need with our own children and models that grace by his love for us. “My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in your weakness.” – 2 Corinthians 12:9. In moments of our weakness – our lack of patience, our anger – we can ask God for his power to do the right thing. Thank you God for your grace!