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Little Man’s Room Makeover

This momma has been busy busy busy redesigning Little Man’s room to a colourful, playful retreat. I guess I could be considered either brave or just nuts for painting horizontal stripes in an older home where it can be a challenge finding just one level surface. I think the advice that I would give to anyone also considering taking on this sort of challenge is to pick a method and stick with it. For example, I decided to do stripes 10 inches in width. However, after measuring 10 inches from the ceiling along the length of one wall, I had almost 2 inches in the difference from one side to the other. That certainly wouldn’t work for level stripes. So what I did was mark out and tape a guideline using a level and Frog Tape and then used a 10 inch square (I used a piece if scrapbook cardstock cut to size) to mark out the rest of the lines. I continued to use the level to ensure my lines were straight and parallel. I’m going to be honest, I almost lost my sanity during this stage; All that taping and making sure it was perfect…seemed like it took forever!


Once everything was taped including door frames and window frames and base boards, it was now time for painting. I started with the dark blue, Sico “Electricity”, and painted 3 coats. I also used this colour inside the closet; just solid blue, no stripes.The orange “Desert Sun” was next and I was at first a little disappointed with the colour; it didn’t look like the paint swatch at all! Thankfully after the second coat and it started to dry, it started looking much better. The lighter blue is called “Electric Glow” and I wanted to use this colour for the larger midsection stripe as well as two 10 inch stripes on the bottom and the top for balance and symmetry and for the ceiling. We only used a gallon of each paint colour but we were really pushing it and almost ran out of the “Electric Glow” (I say ‘we’ because the husband helped…a little).

The issue with the lighter blue was that it needed several coats for good coverage. It was so light that at first it was very difficult to see against the previous creamy/off-white colour (colour of the smaller stripes between the main solid stripes). You may also notice that the lighter blue is shinier than the darker blue and orange. That was a serendipitous mistake which just offered a different texture/ depth to the room. I told the husband to pick up the lighter blue in eggshell finish, but after I painted the first coat, I noticed that it was not. It’s actually a pearl latex finish but looks nice nevertheless, especially on the ceiling where it reminds me of a Spring sky and reflects a bit of light.


The width of the smaller stripes is just the same as the Frog Tape which came in 1.41 in x 60 yards ( 36 mm x 54.86 m). You could have thinner stripes just by choosing a lesser width of tape or you could have no thinner stripe between the larger stripes at all which would result in moving the tape and retaping several times (ugh! Not going at it!). You may also notice that the paint bled under the tape a little. Frog Tape is supposed to be the best for sealing the edges and keeping paint out but I was disappointed with its result with the darker blue. I even made sure the tape was pressed against the wall really well but it still lifted in a few spots after a few days.


After the painting was completed and edges and corners touched up, the tape was removed for the reveal. We switched out his double bed which we had for the convenience of company for a smaller twin bed so that he would have more room to play. Little Man’s room is still quite the disaster with toys and such but he has been quite happy about the change. He loves the colours which he helped to pick out himself and the new Thomas and Friends decals for his walls. All he needs now is the Thomas bedding and maybe the matching curtains. The space feels much more kid-friendly and is now a place where he can come and play with room to move. Little Man is happy so that means this momma is happy! Even if I went a little crazy in the process.





Hope you like it too 😉


Wednesday, April 16th

What I love: catching their faces like this…

20140401-113429.jpg<br /
Mmmm! Blueberries!

Sleeping mid snack.


Wednesday, April 2nd

I love seeing their joy when they do something new that has purpose. For example, planting seeds and taking the responsibility of caring for them and watching them grow.


Who Said You Can’t Prank Your Kids on April Fools?

I love April Fool’s Day! In university, while living with 4 other girls, I was the one to tie all the shoes together, to put raw spaghetti noodles in the homemade pancakes I so graciously offered to make for everyone at breakfast time, and stack the empty cans next to the door which would fall with a loud, glorious crash to the surprise of the friend who opened it.

So, alas, today is April Fool’s Day and my husband now knows me too well for me to get away with anything. The frozen toothbrush and the sewn together underwear have kept him on his guard this time of year. But now I have two little innocent kiddies who know nothing about this wonderful occasion lasting only until dinner time. Do I dare? Oh yes I do! Well, obviously Bambino is just too little, but 3 year old Little Man is just the perfect target.

This is how the morning went:


Streamers over his door to burst through when he wakes up. His reaction wasn’t as we expected; he opened the door, pouted, and shut the door again. He was a good sport about it afterwards and had fun tearing the streamers down.


Some animals having a snack and an April Fools meeting.


“Hey! There’s something in my cup!”


 Just a little ladybug.


Blue Cheerios?


He got quite the surprise when his milk and cereal started changing blue!


What a fun morning! I love passing on silly traditions, even if it is as silly as playing harmless tricks on April 1st. Do any of you have any good April Fool’s Day pranks or jokes to play on your kids? Let me know, maybe I’ll use them next year 🙂