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What I Love Wednesday – June 25th

What I love about being a momma this week? I can cut my kid’s hair any way I want (even if it was mistakenly cut shorter than expected). I am a huge contributor to my son’s style, whether he likes that fact right now or not. I think it looks great…and he loves it!



Wednesday, June 18th.

I love being a mommy for the times that even spilled juice is hilarious. Don’t be too serious with the little messes because your children are only little for so long.


Wednesday, June 11th

The role reversal. Baby becomes the peek-a-boo facilitator. Oh the ways being a momma makes me smile!


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Wednesday, June 4th

I love fun and tasty activities with my boys such as making your own ice cream sundaes. It also doubles as quiet time since they’re so busy creating their masterpieces and then eating it all up. Alas, this peace is short lived as the sugar kicks in and the energy level is set to extreme high. This sort of thing doesn’t happen every day so we all enjoy it together.