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What I Love Wed…-oops! My bad! Thursday!

So summer vacation has brought a run-on of days so each one melts (literally, it’s that hot) into one another. Therefore I have missed a few posts and even my weekly What I Love Wednesday. So, on this day, my husband has a day off work, Little Man had an overnight at nanny and Poppy’s, and this momma has had time to relax and enjoy time to herself including a well deserved heat-induced nap while Bambino also slept. When Little Man arrived back home from his sleepover, daddy set up a tire swing in the wooded trail behind our house. We spent time playing in the backyard and the little kiddie pool and enjoying the warm weather. I love these care-free family days that are not rushed; no agenda and no time constraints. They are much needed. Before summer ends, be sure to take a Time Out day with your kids and family. It may be just what you need.


Wednesday, July 23rd

I love my son’s “inventions”. This week he took two hangers (the ones with the pants clips) and created the Hook-a-Matic that “just pumes, ya’ know?!” Yes, my child does not use “bang” or “boom” or even “pow-pow,” it’s “pume” (Pew-Mmm). 

Wednesday, July 16th

What I Love Wednesday

I love it when a little boy leans over close and whispers in my ear, “Can I tell ya sumpfing? I love you mom. You’re my best friend.”


Wait a minute!

I think I found a new freckle….


Please practice sun safety during these hot summer days. And even for those overcast days. While slathering up the sunscreen for your kiddos, don’t forget about yourself! Especially my fellow fair-skinned, freckled friends.

Take care!
Red Freckled Momster.

The Gift of an Ordinary Day

Awesome story of generosity and selflessness for one special momma and her family.

Eastern Health's StoryLine

It was the winter of 2014. A young mother just had her world turned upside down by a cancer diagnosis followed by an intensive treatment plan at the Health Sciences Centre. The treatment involved staying in hospital for a few weeks – and separation from most of her family, friends and regular support systems. It also meant her regular “mothering duties” were temporarily put on hold. Not an easy thing for a young mom used to putting her children’s needs above her own. At times like this, the care of hospital staff can make all the difference – especially when that care goes above and beyond the strictly medical. During this woman’s hospital stay, I witnessed an act of kindness by the staff on the inpatient unit known as 4 North A that helped the hospital feel a little more like home – and left our patient with a…

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Why Boys Don’t Wear Makeup

I was in the washroom getting ready for the day when my 3.5 year old came in and sat on the toilet watching me (not unusual). I took out my new, bright pink cream blush and began applying it to the apples of my cheeks with a delicate finger when I hear him ask, “Can I have some of that?” Automatically, I said “No, this is for mommy.”

“But I want some too!”

“But boys don’t wear makeup” I said.

I quickly checked myself and added, “Well, most boys don’t. Makeup is not for little boys.”

I didn’t realize how much emotion this one statement could create! He started getting upset saying, “I wish I was a girl so I could wear makeup.” As small as this statement was and even though I have no doubt in my child’s gender identity, I began speaking without thinking, spewing out arguments without salt. Worse, I was coming up with arguments completely against what I believe or want for my children.

“No, you can’t wear makeup because other kids will make fun of you because it’s different.” Did I seriously just say that to my child?! “What I mean to say is, it’s not what people are used to seeing.”

“But I don’t want to be normal!” Ok, did my kid just time warp to adolescence at stupefying break-neck speed? And of course, I don’t want my child to be “normal.” I encourage creativity and independence and individuality. And what or whom constitutes “normal” anyway?

Here I was having a battle of inference, reason and the logistics of society with a 3 year old in a 6 x 8 less-than-fresh bathroom.

I began jumbling all kinds of thoughts and conclusions in my head; words and phrases and a quick, “God give me wisdom.” What did I want to teach my child in this moment? I want my children to see others as God created them. To treat others as they want to be treated. Even when they are different, left out, or even weird, I want my children to have empathy, tolerance and respect. If someone’s belief is different than their own, then I would want my child to offer kindness and acceptance. And I wouldn’t want anything less in return.

I stopped and looked in the mirror. I was finished with my makeup. Then I bent down to the 3.5 year old sitting on the toilet watching me, and with a delicate finger, applied the remnants of that bright pink cream blush to the apples of his smiling cheeks.



Wednesday, July 2nd

I love how our children can remind us of the long-lost sense of freedom, reckless abandon and shamelessness as they run butt naked down the sandy beach on a hot summer day. When did we ever lose this sense of self? Enjoy today, enjoy being a parent, and look at your child(ren) today and think about what they can teach us.