Monthly Archives: November 2014

WILW-November 26th

In the washroom putting my hair in pigtails (of all things).

Little Man: Mommy, you look like a princess!

Me: Ha! Really? Why?

LM: Because you’re so beautiful!

Me: Aww…

LM: Now mom, you can be the bad princess and I’ll be the good guy and we fight.

…well, that changed quickly…



WILW-Nov. 19th Little Jokster

Little Man is at the age now where he loves telling jokes. He has quite the memory and tells them well with lots of laughter to follow. Sometimes he makes up his own jokes that make no sense at all but they still make us laugh. He’ll look around the room and use the first item he sees as the subject (think Steve Carrell’s character in Anchorman; “I love lamp!”)
Anyway, here are a few jokes from my 4 year old to give you a little chuckle for the day:

What do you call a lazy, baby kangaroo?

-A pouch potato

What did the red light say to the green light?

-Don’t look, I’m changing

Where do mice park their boats?

-At the Hickory Dickory Dock

How does the man in the moon cut his hair?

-Eclipse it!

Why do some fish live in saltwater?

-Because pepper water makes them sneeze

What three games do you play in the bathroom?

-Concentration, Hang on Harvey and Kerplunk

Enjoys the laughs today. And to all of you mommas and papas, enjoy these days of parenting.


WILW-November 12th

My apologies for not posting my usual “What I Love Wednesday” post yesterday; my husband and I were out of town to attend his grandmother’s funeral. She was 94 years old and one evening she ate her supper, quietly went to sleep and never woke up. Peaceful. We began our drive early and realized we were on our own for the first time in a long time as our boys were left in the care of my parents since we felt that it would all be too much for them (and us). As we spent time with family and my husband was having a time playing with our little nephew, it was not difficult to miss our boys. Kids have become so much more to parents than most people realize. They become part of our identity, our entertainment, and the best ice-breaker for awkward situations; you know the ones – you haven’t seen aunt so-and-so for goodness knows how long, but having a child gives you automatic conversation as well as an excuse to leave when said conversation gets really boring or just weird. They give us comfort just when we need it most, a welcomed distraction when emotions start to bubble over and you feel like you can’t contain it any longer, and the sweetest, innocent faces when we just need a reminder that our hearts can still feel full even when they are missing a piece.


WILW-When Trash Became A Tea Party

It’s cleanup week in our town. Everyone has their trash and unwanted junk out by the side of the road for the town workers to do their circuit and cart it away to the dump. As my boys and I were out for a walk down our street on this crisp Autumn afternoon, Little Man noticed a box set by the side of the road filled with Christmas mugs, plates and other various dishware. He decided he wanted to take the whole box home choose two pieces to take home for a tea party; a small Christmas mug and an ugly a quaint, floral creamer jug. He was distraught at the fact that these perfectly good (good condition, just dated patterns) ceramic dishes were to be tossed in a garbage truck, crushed and carried away. He was concern for the dishes’ welfare. He wanted to give them a home. He suggested a tea party with a mug for all his friends, but alas, did not get the rest of the dishes before the truck made it’s way down the street. Good thing though I guess; I don’t have the space for them all. But we did enjoy our snack and “tea” party, even if it was just us. IMG_5373.JPG