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What I love Wednesday Jan. 28th

My 4 year old kid just made his own sandwich…ON HIS OWN! Like, from getting his own bread, opening the fridge for supplies, spreading the butter and sitting to the table. Not sure how I feel about ketchup and butter sandwiches for dinner but it could be worse. Crazy. #smallmilestones


WILW January 14th – It’s the Little Things that Make a HUGE difference!

I got a call to teach today (6:45am). Little Man had preschool, the husband had to work so I called my dad, who fortunately lives in the same town as we do, to watch Bambino. To make things easier he decided to come to our place instead of having to drop the little sleepy boy off to Papa. How nice and thoughtful Dad!
To my surprise, when I came home on lunch break, here was my awesome, wonderful dad doing my dishes that had been piling up over the last few days and Bambino pleasantly sitting up with a sippy cup and an episode of Dora. Not only that, a basket of towels that had been brought up from the dryer this morning before we left had been neatly folded and stacked ready to be put away. I am now sitting and relaxing on my couch enjoying some Momma-Bambino time instead of feeling stress and anxiety about the overwhelming mess that I left just a few short hours ago.
Yes, it’s the little things that can mean sooo much. I love that I have wonderful, helpful parents who enjoy spending time with my children and are willing to do that little bit extra that does not go without appreciation!

See this happy face? He’s happy momma’s home!


WILW – January 7th

Really…who needs pets when you can have the two for one deal with kids!


I’m pretty sure Little Man is half cat which he has affectionately named “Grass” since the age of 2 1/2. Now Bambino crawls around on the floor meowing and scratching like a kitten. It’s cute. I like that they don’t shed. We’re working on the crowding-my-feet-when-I’m-walking part which I hope will be successful in 2015.


Wednesday December 31st- Happy New Year!

Coming home from a days work on New Years Eve to this…

A perfectly good reason to love parenting.