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What Does YOUR Saturday Look Like?

An Average Saturday Morning With Kids vs. Without Kids from Whole Mom



Why Kristen Bell Rocks My Socks!

Kristen Bell is an American celebrity known for many movies and television series such as Veronica Mars and Gossip Girl as well as her voice talent of the ever infamous Anna from Disney’s Frozen (“Do you wanna build a snowman?”) However, her most illustrious and most rewarding role to date is her role as a momma to two beautiful daughters (I assume they are beautiful although I have never seen them personally. I mean, really, their parents are Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard).
This morning’s news is the subject of recent ancient controversy. I know, that’s a paradox, but in all seriousness, the vaccination and anti-vac debate has been around for years due to the threats of age-old diseases and epidemics that invade our wellbeing. And not only do we have fears regarding these diseases but dilemmas over what we believe modern medicine claims to do. Some people are quick to point fingers and shift blame for their own personal views or vendettas instead of looking for truth. Instead of being educated they turn to ignorance. The truth is: vaccinations save lives and whatever your stance on the issue, it’s every momma’s (and daddy’s) right to protect their children.

Kristen Bell, you’re a good momma. You are acting in the interest and health and wellbeing of your daughters and being an amazing model for people everywhere. You certainly rock my socks! Thanks!


Holding the kids’ Valentine’s Day candy (or any other holiday candy for that matter) for ransom in order to get things done. It’s great leverage actually when there are toys and Lego all over the living room floor.


The “Pathetic in Pink” Debate

I have been thinking a lot lately on the socially constructed gender ideals that we place on our children. What makes my boys love the dinkies, planes and trains and why can’t Bambino have a Dora the Explorer party? Since the beginning of my parenting experience I have been a little sensitive to what others say to my boys regarding “girl” things vs. “boy” things. Little Man had just as much fun playing with my childhood Barbies as my little niece, so is this wrong?

I believe that sometimes society just pushes the gender roles and ideals a little too far. Anyone remember when Lego was just Lego and not the pink Lego where the Lego friends have a shopping mall or bakery geared towards a specific target group?


I remember not long ago leaving my parent’s house with my two boys and I was quite angry. Little Man had been playing with a doll my mother had bought for my niece to play with while she was home visiting. I overheard my dad explaining that “boys don’t play with dolls” and proceeded with an explanation of what it means to be a “sissy.” Fast-forward to our drive in the car I looked in the rear-view mirror and asked my son, “Do you know what?”


And with angry tears stinging my eyes I said, “Girls can be doctors and boys can be doctors. Girls can be dancers and boys can be dancers. Girls can be engineers and boys can be engineers. Anyone who says that that isn’t true is being a bully.”

“Okay.” He nodded.

So where did all this blue vs. pink idea come from and when did it start? And why do some take it so literally and run with it?
A local award-winning writer, Robin McGrath recently touched on such topic in her article in the Northeast Avalon Times entitled “Pathetic in Pink”
It seems that McGrath’s over-emphasized and exaggerated writing style has confused and even infuriated some readers. I’m curious as to what others may have to say; those on a neutral position, with or without children and on a global scale. When does society go too far in shaping and constructing our way of thought? And are these socially constructed ideals generational or do those lines blur depending on culture?

I look forward to hearing your response,


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Feb 4th-Just Bambino and Me

With Little Man at preschool and the husband at work, I found myself spending the day at home with Bambino. He is just getting over a stomach bug and some nasty sinus cold so the best place for us to stay is indoors on this chilly bitter day. We cut out shapes and he glued them on some construction paper, played with trucks and cars and everything little boys love, and he even helped clean up the mess…that he made. It’s been a good “Mommy and Me” day. I love being a mommy of two boys so distinctly different from one another and one-on-one time together a lets me see a little more of their own individualized personality. Thankful that God didn’t give me two the same :).