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WILW – March 24th – Brilliant!

I love being a momma when I hear my child cite funny and most brilliant phrases and comments. Yesterday it was about his pants: 

Little Man: “I love my pants. They’re so warm and soft and snuggle-y. They’re like shorts. Like long-sleeve shorts.”

PANTS: They’re just long-sleeve shorts. 



It’s Wednesday! It also happens to be…

…backwards day in preschool. 




Wednesday, March 11th

What I love…a break. Currently my husband and I are on a mini staycation a few hours from home while nana and poppy are taking care of the kiddies [insert huge audible exhale of relaxation and gratitude]. 

A few momentus things we have done so far: 

-went to a movie last night

-did a little bit of shopping 

-we said, “okay, let’s go” and we put on our shoes and coat and left. Seriously, momentus, not 15 mins of searching for kids, struggling with coats and shoes, looking for missing mittens, etc. 

-ate hot meals

-talked about our kids and missed them

As a parent it’s important to know when you need a break and take some time out for yourselves. It’s not that you don’t love or enjoy your children, in fact, quite the opposite. You want to be the best YOU that you can be for them. 

-cheers, RFM

WILW-March 4th

Celebrating two wonderful years with this cutie! He is such a gentle-hearted, kind and giving little being. I am so proud to be his mom!