Hiatus Apology

As a mom, it is quite easy to pass blame unto your kids for your own inadequacies: Late for a meeting? “Had to drop off the kids to the sitter.” Forget something important? “…he must have taken it out when I wasn’t looking.” Pass gas in the grocery store aisle? “Ooh! Who has a stinky bum!?”

But I digress. Yes, it has been a long hiatus from writing on the blog, and truth is, the more the weeks went by, the easier it was to come up with an excuse. Life can get busy, but not that busy! I blamed the computer, new phone, and yes, many times I have blamed my kids, but there is no one to blame but myself.

It seems that many mommas use their children as a scapegoat to get out of doing something or going somewhere and it has to stop (well, if not stop then decrease significantly). The truth is, the more it happens, the easier it is to do it again and again. Before long people are left wondering if you ever leave your house and only feed your children processed cheese and goldfish crackers. No, that’s not me, although my children do have an affinity for cheese slices sandwiches and the fish-shaped snacks that I find weeks later down between the couch cushions. When we pass blame on our kids for our own wrongdoings, even in jest. we are teaching them that lying is OK sometimes. It also teaches them that momma’s (a parent’s) needs are set above them and we are of more value. It sends them a negative self image; they are the reason for being late, forgot the potluck dish, stains on clothes (insert excuses here).

Therefore, I am not here to say that my hiatus from writing was due to my children. It was my fault. They are in fact the reason I write (this IS another one of those mommy blogs afterall). My absence was everything to do with me as I went through a very difficult 2015 and honestly, I lost the desire to write and be a little vulnerable. I had to focus on me in other ways and I’m glad I did. Maybe I’ll write more about it some day. Today is just as good of a day to get back on the train as any. So, encouragement is welcomed as I continue this journey logging my experiences and adventures with Little Man and Bambino.


Until next time in the not so distant future,

-Red Freckled Momster



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