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‘What I Love’ Wednesday-April 13th, 2016


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Wednesday, April 8th – Proud Little Moments

I’m a teacher, an English teacher, and Education is obviously very important to me. So it warms my heart to see my kids eager to learn, to read, to dream. 

This week Little Man amazed me with his newfound decoding skills as he worked on a puzzle in his new Iron Man activity book. I showed him what to do for the first few letters and he took it from there. 





April Fools! WILW

I’ve always been a fan of April Fool’s Day and if you remember my post from last year when I sabotaged my son’s morning routine, you understand that my kids don’t get away easy either.

It actually didn’t go as well as planned last year as you can see here.

This year, since Little Man now goes to preschool two days a week, I only had breakfast time to do my work. But Oh! His face when he discovered my tricks!

See the Cup Prank Here

Laugh often, Love Always,


Feb 4th-Just Bambino and Me

With Little Man at preschool and the husband at work, I found myself spending the day at home with Bambino. He is just getting over a stomach bug and some nasty sinus cold so the best place for us to stay is indoors on this chilly bitter day. We cut out shapes and he glued them on some construction paper, played with trucks and cars and everything little boys love, and he even helped clean up the mess…that he made. It’s been a good “Mommy and Me” day. I love being a mommy of two boys so distinctly different from one another and one-on-one time together a lets me see a little more of their own individualized personality. Thankful that God didn’t give me two the same :).



8 Autumn Crafts for Kids

Fall is officially here which marks my favourite season of the year! The air is crisp, the trees are aglow in hues of red and gold, it’s not too hot, not too cold, perfect for your favourite sweater and PSL (Pumpkin Spice Latte for you non-coffee drinkers). AND awesome and fun activities and crafts that both my kids and I enjoy together. So in this post I would like to share a few with you.

1. Thanksgiving Turkey

Using simple materials like scrapbook paper or coloured construction paper, glue and markers your child’s hands are now the “feathers” to this Thanksgiving wall art.

2. Autumn paper chain decorations


Cut strips of cardstock or construction paper to 1 1/2-2 inch widths and glue or tape together. Alternate Fall colours and use for decoration over doorways or the mantel. Use grey or black to look like old prison chains for Halloween decor.

3. Autumn Napkin Rings


This craft has to be my favourite for so many reasons! a) cheap materials b) my 4 year old loved making them and c) they look gorgeous for a Autumn/Thanksgiving table. We recycled toilet paper rolls (yep!), collected birch bark from wind-fallen trees and the ground (don’t harvest from the live tree because this can cause damage or even kill the tree) and used fake foliage bought at Dollarama and created something completely beautiful and unique.
First, cut the toilet paper tube in three equal sections (approximately 1.25 inches). Then cut a strip of birch bark to size, enough to wrap and overlap on the toilet paper roll ring. Using stick glue, paste the birch bark in place. We also used a paper clip to hold the bark in place while it dried. After this step it looked like we had a bunch of sections cut from a birch tree on our table.


Little Man used his safety scissors to cut the leaves off of the fall garland we bought for $1.50. Then, using hot glue (I did this part) I glued the leaves and a few embellishments to the front. I actually covered the seam/overlap of the bark which hid it nicely. The result was better than expected and Little Man is so proud of his craft. In total we made 10, some with wood buttons, some with added berries that also came on the garland of Fall leaves. You could also use fake flowers for use if your napkin rings all year round or use rings made of a more durable material like PVC pipe.

4. Give Thanks Banner


I made this banner last year out if recycled blank envelops and coloured cardstock, string and glue. Something so simple and pretty that kids can enjoy doing. This is the type of craft that you can make really fancy using glitter or high quality materials or you can make more child-like with scribbles, stickers and the use of your child’s own handwriting. Whatever you do, just make it a fun time with your kid and try not to have high expectations or a picture perfect image in your head. Which brings me to number 5…

5. Fingerprint Tree


My inspiration for this craft comes from the recently popular in-lieu-of-a-wedding-guest-book idea. I bought an art canvas and paints at the dollar store and started by painting a large tree sans leaves. As you can see, my children and I created the leaves using our fingerprints. I had an idea in my head how I wanted it to look and was mortified when Little Man started applying green dots with a cotton swab to the area that shouldn’t have leaves. He told me it was the leaves falling. I had to remind myself that perfection means beans to a 4-year old. This was an art project we were doing together; it didn’t matter what it would look like in the end, it’s the time we spent together. So…I went with it and even added more. It didn’t turn out too badly either. I even added red and gold glitter because everything is better with glitter.

6. Halloween Treat Bags


These treat bags are made from coloured paper bags which you can buy at a variety of dollar stores. I used black paper and permanent markers to decorate. These would be so cute for Halloween treats at the door or for your child’s classroom. Little Man was excited to draw the circles for the Ghost’s eyes and mouth. If I had known he would draw that mouth that big I would have cut it out with black paper and pasted it on like I did with Frankenstein’s monster’s hair (would have kept down on the Sharpie fumes).

7. Halloween Candle Jars


We had loads of fun creating these candle jars! It can get a little messy so prepare your space beforehand. Recycled mason jars, glass pasta sauce jars and baby food bottles became a hit when we used a little Mod Podge and a lot of imagination. First, cut strips or squares of tissue paper in the colour of your choice. We used white for a ghost, green for Frankenstein’s monster and orange for a Jack-o-Lantern. You could easily use green for a witch’s face, or white for a mummy. Then we used a paintbrush and “painted” on the Mod Podge onto the glass jar. We then overlapped the tissue paper strips and sealed it with another layer of Mod Podge on top. Once dry, Little Man helped cut out shapes for the faces and we glued them on. We let the jars dry overnight and then added a tealight. They are now on my mantel and look great!

IMG_4626.JPGSo easy, a 4-year old can do it. Seriously, Little Man made the little pumpkin and the little ghost ones all by himself and helped cut the eyes and mouths for them all. I thought of adding raffia around the mouth of the jar but because I used a real tealight and not a flameless candle I decided against it in case it caught on fire. By all means, dress it up if you wish.

8. Dried Leaf Collage


One of our favourite things during the Fall season is going on nature walks through the park or the trails in the woods. Along the way we collect pretty leaves, flowers, bark and pine cones. This year we dried and pressed the leaves at home and created a collage. Arrange leaves and other things on cardstock or paper and glue or tape in place. Or place inside a frame or shadow box. Little Man bought me a keepsake photo box last year that you can paint and decorate yourself. I haven’t painted it yet but I added a few of our dried and pressed leaves and flowers to make an Autumn themed box. Voila! Autumn art!

Enjoy these Autumn crafts and remember, it’s not what it looks like, it’s the time you spend together.


Wednesday, September 17th

I love being crafty but what I love more as a mom is getting crafty with my kids. I enjoy the quality time together, teaching them new things, watching their creative minds at work and the creations they come up with.
Yesterday Little Man and I started making Fall decorations, something I make time for every year, which inspired me to create a collection of Autumn themed crafts for kids. Stay tuned for DIY and how-to posts later. Until then, here is a sneak peek…


Happy crafting with your kids!

Lego Time #everythingisawesome

It’s actually quiet and peaceful right now as I watch the boys play. That definitely makes me think “Everything Is Awesome” (The Lego Movie).



Wednesday, June 4th

I love fun and tasty activities with my boys such as making your own ice cream sundaes. It also doubles as quiet time since they’re so busy creating their masterpieces and then eating it all up. Alas, this peace is short lived as the sugar kicks in and the energy level is set to extreme high. This sort of thing doesn’t happen every day so we all enjoy it together.




Autumn Excursions

It’s Fall and it’s¬†my favourite season of the year and what Little Man and I love most are our autumn excursions in the wooded trails behind our house. It’s a great way to get out and smell the autumn air, get some exercise and to secretly¬†disguise a perfect learning experience.

Momma and her boys
Stomping on mushrooms
Stomp! Stomp!
Having a swing
Having a swing
A sunny day at the playground
Momma and Bambino (7 months old)
Momma and Bambino (7 months old)
Little Man
Little Man
Having a stroll
Having a stroll
Fun on his tricycle
Fun on his tricycle
Please can I get just ONE picture of BOTH of you looking?
Inspecting the grass
Inspecting the grass
Sweet Face!
Sweet Face!

Loving the Autumn weather and having fun with my most priceless treasures! Take time to appreciate the season and all its beauty. Get out and have an Autumn excursion with your kids. Have fun and explore!

Red Freckled Momster

“I Want to Go to School, Mom”



For the past several weeks, my son has been asking to go to school. “There are a few things wrong with that,” I told him, “You’re 2 and it’s summer.” He was genuinely upset and tried convincing me that he was old enough and that school was open. As a teacher, I have been a little conflicted; I am thrilled with his positive and genuine desire to go to school but I’m confused as to why and why now and why-can’t-you-just-be-a-kid-and-play-and-love-summer-and-not-have-to-worry-about-school-because-you’ll-be-going-to-it-for-a-long-time-and-paying-it-off-for-even-longer-so-just-enjoy-this-freedom!

After posting a similar Facebook status, a friend of mine dropped off a school package complete with pre-school workbooks and a package of fresh, new HB pencils. Since he couldn’t go to school she thought maybe “school could¬†come to him” (Thanks LP!) I was thrilled! And then my husband had a thought and said, “Do you think maybe he just attributes school with friends and other kids and just wants to play?” Don’t deflate my balloon. As his momma I’d like to think he’s gifted! He loves to learn! And I somehow feel I’m¬†right because he was just as thrilled with his new books and wanted to start right away. I’d also like to think that he¬†connects the playground with¬†his social side¬†as he has no fear talking and playing along with other kids (even twice his size), never wants to leave and always looks for those same friends at the next playground visit.

We sat and he counted, I read, we played. I taught, he listened, we learned. Children just thirst for knowledge. I could see his little mind working as he concentrated on circling the pairs of two. I don’t know if he felt like a big boy or if he thought it was all for fun or if he just liked doing something, but it didn’t matter, we were doing it together. Kids grow up quickly and their little minds are so mouldable so why can’t you¬†take an ordinary day and turn it into a learning experience.¬†Playing school helps prepare¬†young and active minds¬†for what lies ahead.¬†It¬†encourages patience and discipline. ¬†It introduces them to pattern and order. It inspires imagination and independent thinking.¬†Playing with your child strengthens your bond and connection with each other and builds deeper trust. ¬†So what if you’re 2 and it’s summer. Although it breaks my heart a little that he is growing up way too fast, there is no timeline or schedule on learning. Sure Little Man, you can go to school. What do you want to learn today?