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A Weather Prayer

Tonight I’m helping at a local Senior’s Home by leading some music and organizing Talent Night. So instead of my usual singing, I decided to share my talent of poetry. I wanted something suitable for the occasion and wrote this little funny poem about the weather:

A Newfoundland Weather Prayer

Thank you God for the weather

The Spring flowers shyly showing

Beautiful hues of pink and red

And white flakes-wait-it’s snowing!

Well, this is unexpected God

And I wouldn’t want to catch a chill

So I’ll need to move to keep me warm

I’ll freeze if I stand still

I briskly walk and take in the beauty

Of a lovely winter scene

A melencholy snowy lane

Quiet, crisp and clean

Look, there in the distance

A man sat on a bench

The silver rain beating down

I do believe he’s drenched!

The rain? Oh yes, now I see

It has begun to pour

I know all things are at Your command

But God, with this weather, I’m unsure

The sun comes out from behind a cloud

It seems that Summer is at hand

Well God, it’s been all seasons today

This must be Newfoundland!