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It’s Wednesday! And here’s what I love about being a mom.

WILW – June 14th, 2017 – Tell Momma that I love her.

Some days being a working mom leaves me missing my kids terribly in the run of a day. Today is one of those days. What I love is knowing that Daddy is at home, in charge, and just a few characters away if I want to briefly check in. A quick text from him with a message from a little 4 year old saying “tell momma, ‘I love momma – love me’ so she will know that I love her” makes my heart swell. Extra cuddles at bedtime!



‘What I Love’ Wednesday-April 13th, 2016


Mommy dates 🙂




Hello Again! WILW July, 8th

It’s Wednesday morning. Little Man is sitting at the computer watching a Nature and Things documentary on mosquitoes and Bambino just identified all 5 shapes on the broken bridge on Dora
Yeah. It’s that kind of morning. When you feel like your kids are growing way too fast but you feel the need to brag. 


This Mom is so Tired -WILW May, 7th

To all you tired mommas out there, here’s some happy for your Wednesday. 

This Mom is so Tired” Parody



Wednesday, April 29th – A Haiku


Blowing bubbles with my boys
Don’t bother the mess
It’s milk and cookies with mom

WILW – April 22nd – *WARNING: unintentional product advertising*

This is how it went down: 

Me: Little Man, can you hand me a new roll of toilet paper please? 

LM: Sure mom (gets it from the closet and brings it to me). Is this toilet paper Charmin Ultra Strong?

Me: (Giving him the most bewildered look) How do you know what that is?

LM: It’s a real kind, you know. Honest! 

Me: (Starts smiling and gives a chuckle).

LM: Why are you laughing? Charmin Ultra Strong is real. It’s true. I’m not lying!

I couldn’t help but laugh at his conviction. 

Wow! TV advertising, you’re good! Even my 4 year old has been reeled in. 

-Cheers, RFM

Wednesday, April 8th – Proud Little Moments

I’m a teacher, an English teacher, and Education is obviously very important to me. So it warms my heart to see my kids eager to learn, to read, to dream. 

This week Little Man amazed me with his newfound decoding skills as he worked on a puzzle in his new Iron Man activity book. I showed him what to do for the first few letters and he took it from there. 





April Fools! WILW

I’ve always been a fan of April Fool’s Day and if you remember my post from last year when I sabotaged my son’s morning routine, you understand that my kids don’t get away easy either.

It actually didn’t go as well as planned last year as you can see here.

This year, since Little Man now goes to preschool two days a week, I only had breakfast time to do my work. But Oh! His face when he discovered my tricks!

See the Cup Prank Here

Laugh often, Love Always,


WILW – March 24th – Brilliant!

I love being a momma when I hear my child cite funny and most brilliant phrases and comments. Yesterday it was about his pants: 

Little Man: “I love my pants. They’re so warm and soft and snuggle-y. They’re like shorts. Like long-sleeve shorts.”

PANTS: They’re just long-sleeve shorts.