My Inspirations

Lit20tle Man

This handsome cutie is my firstborn and at just under 3 years old, he has already filled our lives with so much laughter. He has the biggest imagination that I have ever thought possible; from his changing personalities to kittens named Grass to feeding crocodiles from the dinner table. He is an active little boy, very helpful and very loving. He is the best big brother to Bambino and loves to smother him with cuddles and kisses. He always has a smile and you never know what he’s going to say. I love holding and snuggling with him even if he’s getting too big to fit in my arms.


Such a pleasant little baby who is as cute as a button with dimples to die for. He has filled a void in our lives we didn’t know that existed and has brought us so much joy. He’s a strong little guy which he made quite evident right from the womb. I look forward to watching his precious personality unfold and to see where it takes him.

6The Best of Buds

It seemed as if these two had an instant connection (other than the fact that they share the same parents). Little Man loved Bambino automatically and life resumed at home as if Bambino had always been there. We’re hoping this connection stays a positive one and they will grow up as the best of friends.

Photos courtesy of Alyssa Denise Photography. You can see more of her work and follow her blog here. Thanks Alyssa!


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