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Some Funny For Your Thursday-Happy Father’s Day Dads



April Fools! WILW

I’ve always been a fan of April Fool’s Day and if you remember my post from last year when I sabotaged my son’s morning routine, you understand that my kids don’t get away easy either.

It actually didn’t go as well as planned last year as you can see here.

This year, since Little Man now goes to preschool two days a week, I only had breakfast time to do my work. But Oh! His face when he discovered my tricks!

See the Cup Prank Here

Laugh often, Love Always,


Sometimes being a parent means life can be full of questions. Today I question which one of my children hid the soup ladle in my bed.

It’s Wednesday! Almost through the week! Enjoy your day, have a laugh and check your bed before you sleep at night.


Who Said You Can’t Prank Your Kids on April Fools?

I love April Fool’s Day! In university, while living with 4 other girls, I was the one to tie all the shoes together, to put raw spaghetti noodles in the homemade pancakes I so graciously offered to make for everyone at breakfast time, and stack the empty cans next to the door which would fall with a loud, glorious crash to the surprise of the friend who opened it.

So, alas, today is April Fool’s Day and my husband now knows me too well for me to get away with anything. The frozen toothbrush and the sewn together underwear have kept him on his guard this time of year. But now I have two little innocent kiddies who know nothing about this wonderful occasion lasting only until dinner time. Do I dare? Oh yes I do! Well, obviously Bambino is just too little, but 3 year old Little Man is just the perfect target.

This is how the morning went:


Streamers over his door to burst through when he wakes up. His reaction wasn’t as we expected; he opened the door, pouted, and shut the door again. He was a good sport about it afterwards and had fun tearing the streamers down.


Some animals having a snack and an April Fools meeting.


“Hey! There’s something in my cup!”


 Just a little ladybug.


Blue Cheerios?


He got quite the surprise when his milk and cereal started changing blue!


What a fun morning! I love passing on silly traditions, even if it is as silly as playing harmless tricks on April 1st. Do any of you have any good April Fool’s Day pranks or jokes to play on your kids? Let me know, maybe I’ll use them next year 🙂