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Some Funny For Your Thursday-Happy Father’s Day Dads



This Mom is so Tired -WILW May, 7th

To all you tired mommas out there, here’s some happy for your Wednesday. 

This Mom is so Tired” Parody



WILW – April 22nd – *WARNING: unintentional product advertising*

This is how it went down: 

Me: Little Man, can you hand me a new roll of toilet paper please? 

LM: Sure mom (gets it from the closet and brings it to me). Is this toilet paper Charmin Ultra Strong?

Me: (Giving him the most bewildered look) How do you know what that is?

LM: It’s a real kind, you know. Honest! 

Me: (Starts smiling and gives a chuckle).

LM: Why are you laughing? Charmin Ultra Strong is real. It’s true. I’m not lying!

I couldn’t help but laugh at his conviction. 

Wow! TV advertising, you’re good! Even my 4 year old has been reeled in. 

-Cheers, RFM

WILW – March 24th – Brilliant!

I love being a momma when I hear my child cite funny and most brilliant phrases and comments. Yesterday it was about his pants: 

Little Man: “I love my pants. They’re so warm and soft and snuggle-y. They’re like shorts. Like long-sleeve shorts.”

PANTS: They’re just long-sleeve shorts. 


It’s Wednesday! It also happens to be…

…backwards day in preschool. 




Wednesday, October 15th

What I Love…

Teaching my children how to harvest apples…from someone else’s tree.





Sometimes being a parent means life can be full of questions. Today I question which one of my children hid the soup ladle in my bed.

It’s Wednesday! Almost through the week! Enjoy your day, have a laugh and check your bed before you sleep at night.


What I love about being a parent are those moments of humour threaded throughout the day.

Dinner time:
Little Man: I’m twirling my Spaghetti!
Momma: Wow. You said “Spaghetti” really well. Good pronunciation.
Little Man: SPA-GETT-EE. See? I can talk Italian sometimes.

If only the power of food could change your language. Much better than changing your dress size.

Be happy. Laugh often. Love much. And enjoy your children. This world can be a dark place sometimes.



Wednesday, July 2nd

I love how our children can remind us of the long-lost sense of freedom, reckless abandon and shamelessness as they run butt naked down the sandy beach on a hot summer day. When did we ever lose this sense of self? Enjoy today, enjoy being a parent, and look at your child(ren) today and think about what they can teach us.

What I Love Wednesday, January 29th

Children are little sponges who love to imitate what they see. What I love about being a parent is seeing my own little quirks and expressions reflected by my own child. It is so funny to hear and see things in your child that you may not have realized in yourself. Little Man has developed a habit of saying “yep” instead of the more polite and acceptable “yes”. So imagine my surprise when during a candid conversation, my husband asked me a questioned and I replied “yep!” It was then that I realized that I am the culprit for his poor manners! So parents remember, your children are a reflection of who you are, so whatever you are, be a good one.