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Hello Again! WILW July, 8th

It’s Wednesday morning. Little Man is sitting at the computer watching a Nature and Things documentary on mosquitoes and Bambino just identified all 5 shapes on the broken bridge on Dora
Yeah. It’s that kind of morning. When you feel like your kids are growing way too fast but you feel the need to brag. 



Feb 4th-Just Bambino and Me

With Little Man at preschool and the husband at work, I found myself spending the day at home with Bambino. He is just getting over a stomach bug and some nasty sinus cold so the best place for us to stay is indoors on this chilly bitter day. We cut out shapes and he glued them on some construction paper, played with trucks and cars and everything little boys love, and he even helped clean up the mess…that he made. It’s been a good “Mommy and Me” day. I love being a mommy of two boys so distinctly different from one another and one-on-one time together a lets me see a little more of their own individualized personality. Thankful that God didn’t give me two the same :).



“I Have Bad News”

Not the kind of thing you want to hear at 6 am. We knew this was coming, how could we not? Ever since we signed Little Man up for preschool two days a week we knew there were hidden strings attached; every sickness that went through the place, every germ passed from every runny, snot-nosed kid, every uncovered cough-our kid was susceptible to catch, and therefore, pass on as well.

It had started in the morning with the “Yop incident.” How many times have I told my husband, “No milk/dairy on an empty stomach”? LM is particularly sensitive to sudden x amount of dairy and paired with his impeccable gag reflex and dislike of textures, it’s not always a pretty scene (especially at fancy dining rooms whilst on vacation after drinking several coffee creamer cups). Then, later that day it was a cry for help as LM sat on the toilet complaining “I just can’t stop pooping!” Poor thing. We’ve all been there but there’s a reason there’s a saying “ignorance is bliss.” So, this particular night Little Man had been asleep for a while when he woke up to use the washroom. Not unusual. He seemed a bit irritable as I tucked him back into bed and a little pale maybe. But he was coughing-getting over this family-spread head cold that I swear was brought on by the flu shot and the poorly sanitized handles at the shopping carts at the supermarket. Moments later he was up out of bed and headed for the washroom again. Ok, unusual. He sat there whining about poop and then all of a sudden there was vomit on the floor. Ok fair is fair, the husband was on cleanup duty for the Yop incident so now it was my turn. I flipped the little 4 year old over so that his other end was near the bowl. He climbed up almost fetal position on the toilet seat retching whatever he had. I was just getting the acquired cleaning supplies and the husband was rubbing Little Man’s back in comfort when a fountain of surprise came out the other end making its way to the floor. Yep…my turn to clean. Into the bath he goes.

Alas, everything is cleaned up and I get these big boy overnight padded disposable underwear kept just for said occasions and try to convince Little Man to wear them. No such luck. My ultimatum is that if he wanted to sleep in our bed the pull up had to be worn or he could chose regular underwear and sleep in his own bed. He went for the latter. There was no way I was risking an accident in my fairly new, barely even paid for, queen size mattress not to mention the carpeted flooring over his bedroom hardwood. Imagine my gratefulness over my strong-headed decision when at 6 am I hear a small knock on the door. I was just dreaming of tiny angels descending and bringing me a candy cane striped Christmas card when my eyes pop open with the sound and I see a tiny figure come stumbling into the room beside me. He looks at me, “I have bad news.” “What’s the bad news?” I ask, almost fearfully. “I pooped. And there was a lot of it.” Uh-oh. “Where?” “In my bed and on the floor” he said. I stayed in bed registering what he had just said. Husband got up to deal with it. His turn. I put on my housecoat and prepared myself as I walked out into the hall.

I’ll spare the details but it really wasn’t that bad. Little Man was clam and had already cleaned himself up and put on a new pair of underwear. Nothing a bit of washing and Mr. Clean disinfectant couldn’t solve (Mr. Clean for the floor, not the kid obviously). I stripped the bed, cleaned up the floor, scrubbed a small unfortunate area of the mattress and got Little Man ready to go back to bed-again. This time he opted for the padded underwear and went on the couch with daddy and a book. I went back to bed and rather quickly as I heard another small voice calling out from his crib from the other room. My telepathic message to my husband echoed “YOUR TURN!”

“What I Love…” Wednesday, October 22nd

Ahhhh! Those teaching moments that make this momma so proud.
Today Little Man made his bed for the first time. So, here’s to continued success…and less things for a momma to do in a day.



Wednesday, July 16th

What I Love Wednesday

I love it when a little boy leans over close and whispers in my ear, “Can I tell ya sumpfing? I love you mom. You’re my best friend.”


Wednesday, July 2nd

I love how our children can remind us of the long-lost sense of freedom, reckless abandon and shamelessness as they run butt naked down the sandy beach on a hot summer day. When did we ever lose this sense of self? Enjoy today, enjoy being a parent, and look at your child(ren) today and think about what they can teach us.

WILW-May, 7th

I love spending time with my boys one-on-one. Sometimes it’s like there’s a switch in their personalities and they revel in the focused, undivided attention from their momma.
This afternoon it’s just me and Bambino. Without Little Man taking charge of the toys and territory he is free to do as he pleases; and he is loving it! I love seeing this side of him and it’s fun to speculate how his personality will grow and change as he continues to grow.
Here’s Bambino, the little poser, saying “Cheese!!” He just loves the camera.


What I Love Wednesday, January 29th

Children are little sponges who love to imitate what they see. What I love about being a parent is seeing my own little quirks and expressions reflected by my own child. It is so funny to hear and see things in your child that you may not have realized in yourself. Little Man has developed a habit of saying “yep” instead of the more polite and acceptable “yes”. So imagine my surprise when during a candid conversation, my husband asked me a questioned and I replied “yep!” It was then that I realized that I am the culprit for his poor manners! So parents remember, your children are a reflection of who you are, so whatever you are, be a good one.

Don’t get so caught up in setting off your own fireworks that you neglect to see the beauty in the fireworks of others.

Happy New Year everyone! Many blessings to you in 2014.